Playing real poker for free

Whether you are new to poker or you have played many games, freeroll poker tournaments are a great way to gain experience and try out different strategies.

Freeroll poker Tournaments

A freeroll poker tournament is a free to enter game, usually with a chance to win a cash prize or enter further tournaments.

These free games are a great way to practice the game and to try out different playing styles, as there is no risk of losing any real money.

The tournament is free to enter, so new poker players can get in on the poker action without losing any cash. This is perfect if you are not familiar with online poker. You can get used to how the game is played, familiarize yourself with winning hands and see how poker players interact with each other online. has extensive information on the best online freeroll tournaments.

Experienced players can benefit from freeroll poker tournaments too. If you have a particular style of play or betting, you can switch it up on a freeroll game and see how it plays out. You can try a more aggressive strategy in a free game; if it results in more wins, then you can take the strategy to a real-money game.

There are a number of poker strategies to choose from. Playing freeroll games lets you try them out to find one you like best.

Types of freeroll poker games

Poker sites can offer freeroll games to existing members of their site or to new users to encourage them to play. New players can use these games to see how the particular website works, and if they like it, create an account and deposit real money.

Freeroll games are more often offered for existing players that already deposit into their account. This is used as a loyalty reward to customers and can lead to tournaments with bigger cash prizes

How to Play Roulette and Win

Roulette has long been a favorite casino game, its relative simplicity making it an entertaining option for any budding gambler. In the past, the different versions were kept separate simply by geography, but in modern times, and with the arrival of online casinos, this barrier has gone. Now, players have the luxury of access to American, French and European roulette at the click of a button. Why is this important, you ask? Because when it comes to strategy and winning, these different variants have a major role to play.

Let’s break it down. Simply put, American roulette has an extra pocket in comparison to the other variants, thus stacking the odds slightly higher against the player. For the best chances at winning roulette, stick to the European and French versions, which offer just a 2.7% advantage to the house. In addition to this, European roulette also offers the En Prison rule. This reduces the house advantage to a mere 1.35%. This rule allows players to place a standard bet but, if the ball lands on green, the player’s money is not lost. Instead it is simply carried over to the next spin of the wheel, with the money only being forfeit if the bet is lost.

When it comes to roulette strategies, there are many. For example, the Martingale system involves raising the amount bet every time you lose until you get a win. This is usually done on red or black bets. Reverse Martingale simply means raising bets after each win. Other systems include the D’Alembert, Fibonacci and Labouchere. Each of these has their own plus and minus points so it really comes down to personal preference.

At the end of the day, when playing roulette, it is important to remember managing your bankroll. This is not a quick end game, but rather a slow and patient one.

Downloadable Xbox Titles

There are literally thousands of downloadable games available for Microsoft’s home consoles, including triple AAA titles, but don’t forget to also check out titles available via the Xbox Arcade and Xbox Indie Channels.

Games on Demand

You can buy many top titles from the comfort of your own sofa via your Xbox console – these are known as Games on Demand. Once you buy a title online, you only have to wait as long as it takes for a title to download, rather than wait for delivery of a physical copy or having to venture out to the store. You also don’t have to worry about changing discs for lengthier games, and because the title is tied to your Xbox Live account you also need never worry about losing your game! Expect to pay top dollar for these titles on release, but during sales, you can pick up a bargain!

Xbox Arcade

The Xbox Arcade is home to hundreds of titles, normally from smaller publishers, and also includes plenty of classic games from yesteryear that you actually can’t buy in stores. Some of the more famous examples available through Xbox Arcade includes Minecraft, Terraria and Fruit Ninja, but you can also pick up gaming classics such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat and Pac-Man. Prices range from as little as $1.99 up to $19.99, but a typical arcade title will usually only set you back between $4.99 and $9.99.

Xbox Indie

The Xbox Indie channel is chock full of indie games, many developed by individuals, rather than full blown development teams. Because of this, a lot of the games are either very basic, or lack polish, or are just plain weird! Don’t let this fool you, because there are plenty of classics to be found, including twin stick shooter I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES!!!1 and JRPG parody classic Cthulu Saves the World. Indie titles will usually set you back less than a dollar.