Why Xbox is the Best Gaming Console Right Now

When the two consoles were originally released alongside one another, Sony’s PlayStation 4 seemed destined to outperform Microsoft’s Xbox One. The PS4 arguably benefited from a better selection of launch titles and its graphical capabilities meant that many games looked more visually impressive on Sony’s machine.However, in the time since, the Xbox One has battled back valiantly and has emerged as the best all-round console on the market today. This article examines some of the Xbox One’s most impressive features and looks at exactly why the system is currently trumping its main rival.Gaming Aspects and PriceDespite the PS4’s advantage at launch time, the Xbox One has since managed to built up a strong catalogue of games, with a whole lot more to come, including exclusives like Sunset Overdrive and the entire Halo series remastered in HD. Furthermore, EA Access, the new subscription service from Electronic Arts, is exclusive to Xbox.A similar pattern can be observed with the pricing strategy of the two consoles. While the PlayStation 4 launched at a lower price, giving it an early edge, the Xbox One’s price has since been reduced drastically. As a result, if you are buying a console as a standalone, it will usually be significantly cheaper to buy the Xbox One.Entertainment HubIn addition to gaming, modern consoles are expected to fulfil a variety of other needs and the Xbox One stands out as being far superior to the PlayStation 4 when it comes to its performance as an entertainment hub. For example, it offers a far greater range of apps and has DLNA streaming capabilities not currently provided by the PS4.Moreover, the Xbox One console can be linked up to Sky, TiVo and other digital television boxes and allows users to control their television’s functions from one place. Utilising the console as a central entertainment hub also enables extra features, such as voice controlled channel switching.Updates and DesignMicrosoft’s strategy in terms of software updates has been consistent, with monthly updates ensuring the console improves at a steady pace. By contrast, Sony’s PS4 updates are much more sporadic. Already, the Xbox One’s updates have led to major improvements, including the ability to add external hard drives for maximum storage.Finally, there are design aspects to consider and while the overall look and feel of the console and its controllers is somewhat subjective, the Xbox One has been built for the long term. Although larger in size, this gives air more room to circulate and its better cooling system means it is likely to remain reliable for longer than Sony’s machine.